Project offers for newbie coders

As I described myself, I’m a newbie PHP coder. I have learned a lot of things in PHP -and still learning more-. But I don’t know what kind of projects I do or develop. Can you help me about that important problem told?

PS: Before posting this thread, I’ve searched related posts -and looked almost all posts & threads- but even that is not enough for me:

I’m not totally following you. Can you elaborate?

I mean, what projects you do depends on what projects you… do. If you know PHP, I suppose you could develop websites and web applications, but how complex depends on your knowledge level. You could possibly learn WordPress and/or other platforms rather easily, as well as PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Zend or Symfony if you’re up for it.

Personally I focus mostly on Ruby these days (used to do PHP) so the projects I take on are any websites or web applications that are reasonably interesting and pays the rent. But as I mentioned, I’m not sure exactly what the question is so it would be great if you could clarify. :slight_smile:

I know how this feels, finding where to start.

What I did was to create a website for a local charity.

I approached a small local museum that did not have a website and offered to make them one for nothing.

Do not get their hopes up – aim to under-promise and over-deliver.
Explain that you are starting out, and that they will be helping you more than you helping them.
Explain that at first you may fail.
Explain that you make no promises at all.
Go and talk to people.
Find out why their phones ring (FAQs?).
Find out what changes in their business, events maybe?

Listen to what they say, be humble, but try not to accidentally take on the role of sys admin – installing hardware and the like.

I know the question asked to you is too general. I have worked a basic web project w/Drupal -still active-. I also make some exercises w/CI, make a beginning w/WP but although all of them; I’m still in confuse!
Working with ruby looks like a good idea, I will try to work with it. Probably, after reading some PHP Manual, I will interest w/ APIs -like Facebook, Twitter-

@Cups: Thanks your valuable ideas, I will consider all.