New programmer welcome your input re career

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am new to programming, after taking some programming classes at a local college, I was a bit ah confused, php is not so easy for a beginner with no programming background, which I noticed all the 5 students in my class had except me, which accounts for my less than A grade. I have become pretty good with xhtml/css and I am totally into Ruby, which I recently discovered and now I love it and am spending several hours a day trying to learn. I am putting my emphasis on web apps and devote my time to learning html5, Ruby and RoR, and javascript.
Do you think this is a pretty good combo to learn?, I see these as the best languages for the future, and the web as such an area of growth. Any suggestions about how I get myself established and start earning money would be greatly appreciated. Or comments on my choice of languages

That’s a good combo but make sure that you also improve your PHP knowledge whenever you can.

You can start by developing several scripts and offer those scripts for free. Once you have a good foundation of users, you can then start selling some scripts to earn money. There are many ways to achieve your goal. Try many things to know which ones works best on you.