Problems in chrome

hi not sure where i should post this but hopefully someone can help

i had my website uploaded and it looked fine in both IE and Chrome

Ive just uploaded to clients own servers and it is as it should look in IE but looks awful when viewing in chrome

Can anyone advise what I need to do with this so it shows the same in Chrome please

This is the site (and in IE it looks correct)


Ive also just noticed that photos are slow loading in chrome.
I dont understand how this problem could be caused by different web hosting servers?

[FONT=Verdana]I don’t have IE available to test just now, but your site looks the same to me in Firefox and Chromium and seems OK. I’m not sure how you expect it to look. You started a similar thread here, but didn’t respond to ralph.m’s suggestion regarding the JavaScript. Have you taken his advice and changed it, or is it still the same script that was causing the earlier problems?

There are, however, numerous other problems with the site. In your CSS, for example, you have this:

h1 {font:24px font-family: arial,sans serif,tahoma,verdana; color:0080FF;}

h2 {font:20px font-family: arial,sans serif,tahoma,verdana; color:0080FF;}

In both lines, you are missing the semi-colon separator between font:24px and the font-family declaration, and your colour needs to start with a # i.e. #0080FF. Check it through the CSS Validator.

I tried to run the HTML through the [W3C Validator, but it is throwing an error because of a strange character in this line:

<td><font color="#ffffff"><small>Copyright &#65533; Blitz-it 2012. All rights reserved.</small>

I’m not sure if your doctype is valid; it would [URL=“”]appear]( it should be

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN">

but frankly I don’t know, because HTML 3.2 is so antiquated it’s before my time. There is no reason at all to be using it in 2012.

Fix that strange character and validate your code. Once you’ve done that, if you’re still having problems, let us know and we can take it from there…[/FONT]

thanks for your help. it could be a problem with my new laptop then rather than the website in chrome as im having a lot of problems with it.
good to hear its showing up ok. I will have a look into the other problems.

I spent ages once, trying to work out what was wrong with a site where the background colour showed up in every machine and browser I could test it on - except IE on my client’s machine. :rolleyes: I eventually discovered that it was nothing to do with my site - IE on their machine refused to show background colours on any site, although I never could establish why. But at least it wasn’t my fault. :lol:

OK - I’ve just checked in IE9 and Chrome on Windows 7 and the layout is basically the same. The fonts look different between browsers because your font declaration is malformed, so each browser is using its default font. Depending on what that is, your site will look more or less like you expect. Fix your CSS/HTML errors, and hopefully your problems will go away. :slight_smile:

… And also take notice of advice you are given in other threads. :smiley: