Problem with SitePoint pages on Chrome


Really the display problem with Chrome bothering me. Check the following images :

The first from SitePoint, and the second from my website, it is the same problem, and because
I’m using SitePoint often with Chrome, this problem really bothering me, there is any solution ?
a plugin to install on Chrome maybe ?

to explain more the situation, I’m talking about the FONT, that not appear properly.

Hi there,

As the problem occurs independently on two different websites, then it is probably something to do with your browser.
Did you try changing the default fonts on Chrome?
Here’s how:


As Pullo said, it’s the font that you have installed on your machine.
I had the same issue with Facebook, the version of Helvetica I had wasn’t the ‘official’ version and it sent everything totally screwy and bold - just like what you describe.
Uninstall the version of Helvetica that you have and install a new font file.
The font stack used on here is “Helvetica Neue”,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif .

Have a look at your versions and reinstall if you can