Problem with Woobox and Aweber working together on opt-in form on Facebook page

I just created an opt-in tab for a client of mine using Woobox’s custom tab product and it was working great (we were getting a lot of signups) until we received an email from Aweber stating that they were not receiving the Add URL from the form submission, and it’s imperative that they have that info. The opt-in form is still working, and people are added to the list, but the Add URL that’s being sent to Aweber via the form is not valid.

Here is the exact email from Aweber:

It has come to our attention that subscribers are being added to your list via the add url:


This page is blank. An invalid Add URL can indicate that subscribers are not being submitted to your AWeber list
directly. The add URL should reflect the page where your web form is located.

When subscribers are not submitted directly, we cannot establish the proper audit trail. If an ISP comes to us and asks where that subscriber came from, because they have gotten a spam complaint or have reason to believe that the messages sent to the subscriber are spam, we don’t have that audit information that we need to clearly demonstrate where and how exactly that lead came to be subscribed.

Please provide the URL of the site where subscribers sign up to your list. With this information we will be able to best assist you with your account.

Does anyone have a fix or workaround for this?