Problem with cookies for logged in users

Hi, hopefully I have posted this in the right section. I have a wordpress site and every now and again users are being logged out of my site after they log in and click on any other page. This isn’t happening a lot but it is still a problem. This seems quite random and isn’t happening in any particular browser so it’s really difficult for me to test and fix the problem.

If the user refreshes the page they are generally logged back in again. Obviously there is an issue with the cookies, I don’t have a lot of experience with cookies. I have checked the cookie settings on the computers where this occurs and they are definitely accepting cookies. I am using jquery.cookie.min.js for some form data on the site, could this be causing me problems? I have also asked wordpress for help but haven’t had any success as yet. Has anyone heard of this happening before? any help would be great.

You need to capture the init hook and set domain and path for your wordpress site.

path: “/”