Problem with comment box


i have free wordpress theme (redwaves lite) it is very good but there is a small problem in comment box it is not fit all the comment area
this is the problem

this is an example (see comments in this post)
theme link
i tried to add (height: auto; ) but not working
any help please


The problem is not about the height/min-height, you have a float that is not contained.

.commentmetadata {
   /* float: right; delete this*/

I really see no need for that float anyway so just remove it and everything should work as expected.


thank you for all but ,
i did this and delete this part but still the same problem


I see that the float is still in place in your CSS file.

When you remove it and clear your cache you will get the results you want.


thank you very much
it is fixed and working now
thank you for your time