Printing contents of a Fancybox (iframe) IE issue


I am using some JS to add a ‘print this page’ link to a fancybox with
an iframe. It works great except in IE (only tested this in 8) where
it prints the page behind it.

Unfortunately I can’t put a link to the page on here. I’ll try and detail the code I’m using as best I can.

Fancybox 1.3.4

jQuery 1.6.2

This is my Fancybox code…

                'width' : '90%', 
                'height' : '90%', 
                'titlePosition': 'inside', 
                'transitionIn'  : 'elastic', 
                'transitionOut' : 'elastic', 
                'overlayOpacity' : '.5', 
                'overlayColor' : '#000', 
                'type': 'iframe', 
                'centerOnScroll' : 'true', 
                'enableEscapeButton' : 'true', 
                'onComplete' : function() { 
                        var iframe = $("#fancybox-frame")[0]; 

The last part is to add keyboard focus to the fancybox
This is the code I’m adding the print link to the iframe page…

$('#container').append('<p class="print"><a href="#print">Print this 
                 $('p.print a').click(function() { 
                  return false; 

Also, another weird issue is that pressing escape does nothing in Chrome/Firefox but is fine in IE!

Any help will be appreciated.