Price Quote Expiration?

Hi, just curious if anyone has a policy set for the price quote to expire after a certain amount of time. I have a situation where I gave a price quote to a potential client (contract not signed yet) two months ago and was just wondering if I should have put something in the quote that mentioned that the quote was only good for 30 days or something like that.

I’m not too worried about this client as it is a friend that I’ve known and trusted for a long time, but am more just wondering in case this happens again.


We always place an expiration date in quotes.

We always state very clearly that the quote is valid for 1 month only.
Lots of clients dwaddle over time they take to decide/ provide content / etc…
and then want everything to be up and running in a major hurry!

Expiration dates on quotes is standard practice. Do you want a potential customer coming back to you a year later wanting you to honor a quote that surely would cost more now?

As the others have said, putting an expiration on a quote is standard practice. Most of the time there is a “This quote is valid for 30 days”. Obviously have the page dated at the top or put a notation that the quote expires on X/X/XXXX. This not only keeps client from wanting a quote honored months/years down the road, it also puts an urgency on it to get the client signed. You don’t want to spend the time talking with a client, provide a quote, have them say that they just need to get it approved by the financial department … then not get back to you for 2-3 months. Putting a deadline on it (and anything you need from the client) will push your project up higher because there is a time limit … those that don’t have one tend to get shuffled toward the bottom of the pile.

28 days - just to cover us if we have a pricing re-structure, or change certain services.

Pretty normal to have a time limit, we usually have verbage to the effect of “This quote/estimate is good for 30 days from the date shown at the top of the estimate.” If the client comes back in 60 days though, odds are we’ll still honor the quote.