Preserving the blending mode

I’ve got a outer glow effect around a logo sitting on a aqua gradient background . The outer glow is white and 70% transparent with a Hard Mix blending mode . The blending mode infuses it with a superb color .

I want to cut out the logo + the outer glow as a transparent .PNG . I’ve already separated the outer glow in a layer of it’s own .

My question is how can i preserve the color given by the Hard Mix blending mode so I can later use it for the web ? I plan to recreate the gradient via CSS and use the combination in a responsive website . Since the gradient will oscillate due to different page heights it is important to preserve the logo plus effect as is .

Please advise .

The thing is that a blend more is just that a BLEND. so you would need all the elements that make that particular mix to be present. instead of cutting out the logo, and glow. you may want to create a layer-mask. for the BG layer.

  1. save a COPY because an accident will BE disastrous
  2. flatten the make your BG to balck
  3. set everything in your logo to WHITE, this includes the outerglow
  4. Flatten
  5. Select all and copy
  6. Open your backup copy of the file , paste into a layer mask in the BG layer. This should make the bg go away, except for under the logo
  7. use contrast and curves to tweak layer mask as need be.

BTW, remember your color theory, that ‘superb color’ may only be so stunning against that specific bg, and may not look so stunning ( even if you manage to retain that specific hue) against some other matte color.

Hope that helps

Or you could

  1. Hide your background layers
  2. Select your topmost layer
  3. Click Command+Shift+E

This will take a snapshot of all the layers below - preserving your effects etc.