Predictions for WWDC and Google I/O

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It’s been a quiet month in Mobile news as the Sun hits the skies of the Northern Hemisphere and major players prepare announcements for their forthcoming developer conferences. Time to have some fun and make (some, and mobile related) predictions!

WWDC 2016

Swift 3.0

The Swift 3.0 release schedule times nicely with WWDC, and whilst it wont be final by then, it will be in developer preview. Swift 3.0 will be a major update and will break a lot of 2.0 based apps, but will contain a lot of new functionality, and as you all know, I am a big Swift fan.


One of the quiet, but powerful technologies from Apple, Metal keeps getting better. It’s likely that Apple will be encouraging more developers to use it, and make it easier to use.

Everything Else

CarPlay, tvOS, ‘iServices’ (iCloud, iTunes), Apple Watch updates and… iOS 10?

Google I/O 2016

Car Parks?

There has been a lot of discussion about Google’s choice of location for I/O, with many events happening in a car park. Where they just too late to book a ‘proper’ venue or will there be car-related news? In a well timed move, we published an article on Android Auto this week.

Android N

‘N’ is drawing closer, so expect a lot of news relating to it. We will be keeping our developer guide updated as news is released.

Everything Else

Project Aura, Android Wear, VR, Project Tango, ChromeOS merger… and?

What do you think?

Anything I’ve missed, anything you predict or think likely won’t happen? Please let me know and I look forward to your responses.

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The big one I’m interested in is the MacBook Pro replacement, which rumours suggest is in the works. Skylake processor? Better graphics, Thinner, lighter case along the lines of the MacBook? What’s not to like? Well there is the suggestion of the rose gold finish, but you can’t have everything…

Please correct “Where they just too late”.

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