~ Precision positioning of sensitive items, or not ~

Hi there peeps,

as one who abhors all frameworks like the plague, I found it
rather distressing to be presented with this…

…blazoned across the top of my window when arriving at
“Sitepoint” this morning. :eek:

Could you not have shown a little more consideration to
the bespoke coders of your community, some of whom
are in their latter years with delicate constitutions, and
placed this atrocity in a rather more appropriate position?

CMS & Wordpress, I would have thought, was the ideal
category and best position, other than the trash bin, for it
to have been dumped. :winky:



It’s gone already by a new rule in the SitePoint user-style.

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Thanks for that information, but where can an old fogey,
such as I, find this elusive SitePoint user-style?


I think @Erik_J, like myself, has created a user style sheet in the browser to add/rremove styles to better suit our preferences.

(AdBlock Plus will remove that ad, if requested.)


@coothead what browser are you using?

I prefer to opacity them a bit instead of display: none

And I use this to see what topics I liked a post in

/* I Liked */
tr.liked td.main-link span.topic-post-badges::after {
    content: "\2665";
    color: rgba(240, 10, 10, 0.4);

I usually restyle my favourite sites.

(Just PMd an example to @coothead.)

Thanks, didn’t think of that option.


That was a nice trick! Added now, works good.

I am using Firefox and the “uBlock Origin 1.9.16” addon.
The advertisement in question was removed, by adding
this filter…

www.sitepoint.com##.container > a[target="_blank"]:nth-of-type(1)

My post, though, was not really about how to remove the
advertisement, but rather just a personal tongue-in-cheek
jibe at it’s offensive display on what I consider to be the
front page of these illustrious forums. :unhappy:



Well, even though WordPress has its faults (IMHO a good number of them :stuck_out_tongue:), there’s no denying it’s a popular CMS used by a great many. (including SitePoint)

If you would rather style page elements instead of blocking, I recommend you try Stylish

I use the userConfig.css file in Firefox to override the css on some sites without needing an addon.
This article describes how to do it.


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