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Hi I’m Beth and new to this website.

Is there a way to block or minimize the advertising in the forums? When I load the forums, my entire monitor is filled with advertisements and I have to scroll down to see anything of interest.

Welcome to the forums, @PrairieWriter.

You’re not the first member to mention this. You might have missed this discussion, as the title is not obvious:

~ Precision positioning of sensitive items, or not ~

Hello @TechnoBear.

I looked at that thread but all of the code went over my head.

Is there an easier way to prevent ads from filling up every screen on my notebook? (It’s no fun to have to scroll to page to to do anything on this website.)

Well, as that discussion said, your choices are either to add styles to a custom stylesheet in your browser (probably easier than you think) or use an ad-blocking extension, such as AdBlock Plus.

Which browser are you using?

Sorry, I’m a wimpy female… :blush:

One reason I came to this website and forum is to learn more about web development, but I didn’t understand the stylesheet reference.

I am using FireFox.

Does the ad blocker cost money? And will it break Sitepoint?

Just so you know, I am not an advertisement hater, but I only have a screen that is maybe 6 inches tall, so all of Sitepoint’s ads take up my entire screen!

There’s nothing wimpy about being a female.

So am I. I have a user stylesheet, which was very easy to add. I can talk you through it if you want.

The ad-blocker I use is AdBlock Plus, which is free (although donations are appreciated), and it won’t break anything. See

You might need to add a custom rule to get rid of the big ad at the top, but I can talk you through that, too.

Let me know which method you’d prefer to try.

True. I guess I meant that I am wimp who happens to be a female. :smile:

I was able to add AdBlocker and it seems to be working.

Woo hoo, now I have a whopping 6 inches of screen instead of 1/2 an inch of screen!

Thank you @TechnoBear


Glad I could help.

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Are you a girl bear? :wink:

I am indeed. (I realise it’s hard to tell under all this fur. )


LMAO :smiley:

I’m not sure which animal I am, but I’m a girl too!

Thinking maybe I am a girl turtle since I am slow at all of this IT stuff! :wink:


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