PostgreSQL - what are the best resources on the net?

PostgreSQL -what are the best resources on the net?

Can anybody submit good links, tutorials, links to references, and recommended books



  • <snip/> (actually, you only need to know this site, because everything good about PostgreSQL is linked here sooner or later, including online books, tutorials, etc…)
  • (sign up to some of the mail lists and you will get the best education in PostgreSQL possible)
  • and (each has a decent PostgreSQL forum)
  • Oh, and yours truly is currently listed as the top PostgreSQL expert at Tek-Tips :wink:
  • – of course PostgreSQL is the natural choice of a DBMS for FreeBSD, and occasionally there are PostgreSQL articles here.
  • – all kinds of projects related to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL enhancements.
  • <snip/> – nice collection of links for PostgreSQL
  • – not a PostgreSQL site, but good for people interested in understanding relational databases more deeply. Thought you knew what a relational DBMS is? Think again.

There are a couple decent books out for PostgreSQL, such as “PostgreSQL Developer’s Handbook”, but so far I have not seen any great books for PostgreSQL. They tend to be good for administration, but they don’t dig too deeply into the logical capabilities of PostgreSQL. Also, most of these books are out of date, since PostgreSQL introduced schema and domain support in version 7.3.

There are some people very knowledgeable about PostgreSQL that frequent the database forum at [URL=]PHP Builder .

Not too sure if this is the right place though I’ve come across an tutorial (unread as of yet though so can’t comment on contents) so thought I’d share the link with you all ?

I’ll have a read of it later myself but in the mean time here is the link:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I’d also suggest hanging around #postgresql in Freenode :). Sometimes there are things so obvious Google will spend too long looking for but you can ask people quickly there.
Can be used as interface to a set of useful PG related resources

don’t forget the pgsql mailing list! it has been a lifesaver so many times that i feel like i’ve lowered the average number of cat lives from 9 to 7…

the novice list is a great place to start.

This blog is quite good: IAmA DBA AMA

Gregory Smith - PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance is highly advised book.

I advised blogs of the PostgreSQL developers.

Thanks everyone.

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