Post count is still 8 since 2 months

I have posted on 25 threads, but post count shows as 9. and can not have a signature… can anyone help please…!

thank you.


You post a lot in General Chat - these posts do not count towards your post count total. You also have had a few posts removed from the Forums due to quality issues.

All posts must contain some meaningful and quality content to remain on the Forums - anything outside of this scope is deemed as Fluff posting - these posts are in turn then removed from the Forums and therefore your post count will also decrease. Another point to note is that you’re also a new member and you have to wait a total of 90 days to expire before you can avail of the signature option. You should also note that signature links are nofollow :agree:

Guidelines you should familiarise yourself with:

Fluff Posting
Signature Rules
Forum FAQ


Thank you sir, I understand now.

I’m not sure Hazel appreciates to be called ‘sir’ … (:

:lol: I’m used to it Tommy! :shifty:

As long as the OP got his question answered and is happy that’s all that is important!