Portable web server for mac?

I’m trying to break away from directly editing my files on the server which i know isn’t a good idea, but being on the move a lot its the easiest solution.

I’m wondering if there is anyway i can run a web server off a USB drive? that way i can take it with me wherever i go. Something like MAMP (Apache, MySql and PHP)

I’ve come across lots of solutions for windows but not mac.



I’m sure that there is a “snapshot” (canned) program available for the Mac just as there is for WinDoze. IMHO, don’t waste your time, though, as it would be far better for you to learn to deal with installing and updating the individual daemons. I’ll refer you to Kevin Yank’s PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition (it looks like they changed the name) which had, at least in its earlier versions, a free Chapter 1 addressing installation for WinDoze, Mac and 'Nix.

The only USB install I’d seen (a few years ago) was a WinDoze version from someone in Italy. It was rather limited in its ability and rather pricey but it’s not likely to be useful to you anyway.



There is one called usbwebserver v8 which is free, I’ve never used it so can say what OSs it would run on.

Off Topic:

Version 5 only includes this info in the Appendix now, preferring quick solutions like XAMPP and MAMP in the initial chapters.

If i understand your post correctly then i already know how to install them, i just need portability, there are lots of solutions for windows just not osx it seems

windows only :frowning:

Thanks, Ralph. I thought Kevin knew better but …

:tup: for knowing the installation.

The lack of Mac tools is the price for a closed architecture, I suppose.

Since you can run Backtrack (a collection of hacker tools) from a (bootable) USB drive, you may be able to install Linux on a USB stick and then install your server suite - but you’ll have to reboot (or virtual machine) the USB to get that working on the guest computer.

Recommendation (which you don’t want to hear - sorry!): Take your Mac along with you. I have mine on a notebook and take that to client sites with me to demo their websites with files copied from my desktop.




He explains that many people were having problems with the installations, and it was creating a barrier to doing/learning what the book was really about … So he decided to go with simple solutions like MAMP so that readers could get straight to the real topic, and leave the rest to the Appendix for those wanting to know more. Seems fair enough to me. It’s still in the book, just in another place.[/ot]


Thanks for that explanation.