Plesk update on VPS

On my Windows VPS running Plesk an update to 11.5 is ready. I asked my host’s support on how long it takes, as I am new to Plesk, I got the following answer, I quote

“No need to you worry as after research, I was able to figure out that the update will take no longer than a several minutes to a very few hours.”

The answer didn’t answer my original question: does a Plesk update force a reboot of the VPS ?

It shouldn’t need a reboot. It’s not part of the core operating system.

Surely it depends on what version it’s updating from, I know that from 9.5 - 11 you need to do a reboot (at least I had to)

I think the only reason that you might need to do a reboot is to stop and start the plesk services. Normally, you can do that from the command line or GUI, however, it can also be accomplished by a reboot. It all depends upon what the technician is trying to accomplish.