Please review my eCommerce site with Prestashop

Hello guys.
I don’t know if the topic is in right place or not. If isn’t, I apologize. Also sorry for my bad English.

I created a non-english eCommerce site using Prestashop months ago using commercial template:
and now I want you guys to do a favor and review my site in each and every way.
What was your first impression? what you think about it? how can I make it better? how you see it on smart phones and tablets? and…

Of course as I said it’s non-english site and you can’s review content so I want your opinions on feeling & experience and how to improve it.

Thanks in advance.

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Looks alright. I like the color scheme. But I found some flaws that you should try to rectify.

Load times are not good. It took a full 4 seconds for me to open the site. There are alot of animations going on at once on your page. Its alot to take in. Your links are reversed, on the navbar, but you probably intended to do that.

I personally feel there is way too much content at once. You have alot of banners on the right side of the page that can be removed. The main panel where I’m viewing products on your index keeps moving to a new section automatically. I don’t want it to do that. Slideshow is too fast. The categories on the right are redundant with the breakdown link in the navbar.

I’m not seeing any errors. So thats good. All in all, it looks great. Just reduce the amount of things shown to the user at once. It will reduce load times and be easier to take in. Also lose some of the flashy animations. There’s no need to have animations on every banner or items in the footer.

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