Please help with text sizes in IE

I have a menu and some box headings that are displaying larger in IE than they are in FF and Chrome. I have the height set to 22px, but it shows up much larger in IE.

I tried adding the height to the parent elements several levels up, but nothing changes.

Please help!

Odessa :: Home

The menu at the top right, and the headings on the 3 boxes at the bottom are the problem. View in Chrome or FF to see how it’s supposed to look.

Found the issue.

I’m using Lemonstand for the ecomm. I had to modify the htaccess to allow it to use the url to the eot, it rewrites all others.

For those with the same issue, I modified the following:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(\\.(ico|js|jpg|jpeg|gif|css|png|swf|txt|xml|xls|woff|svg|ttf

I added |eot to the file extension list.

I verified the URL to the eot in the css file is correct and the file does in fact exist.

Although when I plug in the URL directly to the .eot in the browser I get a page not found. Could this be an Apache configuration issue?

I have a copy of the site in a folder on my desktop, when I open it in IE7, IE8 it looks fine. When I copy it to this web host it no longer looks fine. I’m really confused.

Hm, looks exactly the same to me in Chrome, Firefox and IE9. :confused:

The font your using doesn’t exist on your server in an EOT file format which is why its not working in IE8 and below, once you get a working EOT file it should work perfectly fine.