Font face, src: local url, doesn´t work in IE

Anyone know why the font size gets bigger in IE?
I know of the source code to judge that it is:

<link href=',600italic,400,600,300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Direct link:,600italic,400,600,300
but I wish, therefore, that it worked even in IE.

The font is the same size for me in Chrome and IE9. Are you viewing this in an old version of IE?


Just tested in IE8 and 7 … same result. Font looks the same to me.

I´m use IE9.

Did you check the zoom level set in the browser?

zoom: 100%
Text-size: “normal”

Ok, another thing I was thought of is:
I have try to change the email adress in forms.js but I cant see any message in my mailbox when I send message in the contact form (Contact).
And in index.html it stands (row 223): <form action=“#”, so I guess you might need something to write there instead of #, right?

I am still talking about this site: