Need feedback on my code samples and portfolio


I am not asking for a site review, more of an artifact review... something is wrong with how I am presenting my skills to hiring managers, because after I send them to my portfolio and github they seem to go cold on me. I don't what the issue is. I am on the verge of leaving web development because I can't get a job! Any advice?


If you provide a couple of links to jobs you have applied, portfolio, resume and github I would be happy to provide some insight.


Sure....I normally apply for a front-end web development role (HTML/CSS, Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, React, etc.) As part of my cover letter, I include these links:

Code samples:




Without seeing your resume and experience strictly based on that portfolio and code samples I can easily see why you may be having a tough time in this industry. The work in portfolio is sparse and below average. The repo on github you linked to just looks like a lot of poorly written spaghetti code with no focused purpose. Given the sparsity of your portfolio I would assume you are looking for your first opportunity at a company, correct?


OK, that's good info. Thank you for the feedback.


I'm wondering if the prominent visibility of ColdFusion is too niche.

Some things that might be important weren't obvious.

  • looking for remote telecommuting work?
  • local in house full time?
  • willing to relocate?
  • part time freelancing?
  • etc.

Contact method isn't overly discoverable. I see an email address at the repo but nothing at the site.


Firstly in Web development portfolio is everything, so when they get your resume what they're interested in before even looking at your qualifications is your portfolio website.
Looking at your website, it looks really outdated, like 20 years old.
You need a complete overhaul of your website, think like your target audience. So this agency (that you applied to) lands on your portfolio website, what do they wanna see.

Portfolio page; they like what they see, what next?
Bio; keep it short, simple; they like what they've read? what next?
Contact page.

These are the 3 basic pages you need.
Your portfolio should be presented better, break your work down to help present it.
The client
The Brief

Your workflow
Planning, Designing, Developing


Try to read some articles about crafting good portfolios to attract employers.

Good luck.

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