Advise me a book: UI/UX/Design for mobile apps

Hello people =)

Not sure if this deserves a thread but i am rather lost so decided to ask.
I am reading Josh Clark - Tapworthy now but is there anything else worth mentioning.

p.s. purely from uix/ui point of view i am not going to code anything, mostly creating wireframes and making it look awesome, while other people do the hard work :slight_smile: ty

That’s a very good book, I have read it aswell. But I have learned most about apps from watching other people do it. See them making fails and wins.
Whatever you decide to make, be sure the design doesn’t slow the app down. It has to be as fast as possible for everyone to use it :slight_smile:


I highly recommend Mobile First by Luke Wroblewsky:

Wonderful for inspiration:
“Mobile Design Pattern Gallery, Color Edition [Englisch]” by Theresa Neil

thx guys. I ll get all of those i guess =)