Playing an flv as it loads (Progressive)


Hopefully a simple solution to a simple problem. I’ve made myself a little flv player, using the progressive download method.

However, it only starts playing once the whole flv has been downloaded. Now the adobe docs quote:

While using an ActionScript 3 file, the video begins playing only when enough of it has downloaded so that it can play the FLV file from start to finish. This behavior can be altered using ActionScript.

However, I can not find this code anywhere. bufferTime does not work (as it is downloading, not streaming).

Anyone have any ideas?

sigh, I spend hours searching, finally ask, and I find the answer within half an hour!

Basically, the meta data was at the end of the file, and AS3 swfs don’t play the file until they have the meta data. A simple rename of the .flv to .mov, re-save in quicktime, then rename back to .flv and the headers are on the first frame.