Some files stream and some files wont

I have a Joomla website which is playing flash files with the AllVideos plug in – which really isn’t that relevant.

The problem is that only large FLV files will stream. For example, when I try to stream a 25M FLV, the entire file is downloaded before it starts playing, but, when I try to stream a >75M FLV, the video starts playing immediately and streams perfectly.

I’ve tried this with several files larger than 75M and they all work and I’ve tried this with several files around 25M and none of them work. Is there anything that could be causing this with the encoding of the file? They’ve all been encoded the same way. I’m thinking that it might be a setting on the hosts server? Is this true?

Thank you,

With regards to encoding only thing that I can think of that would cause a ‘wait until all downloaded until play’ would be that the moov atom is incorrectly positioned (however this is only a h.264 issue so only relevant to .f4v/.mp4/.mov files not .flv)
Unlikely to be a server issue (you can monitor server response using e.g charles web debugging proxy). Do you have a URL to check?