Play a Movie Clip from the Main Timeline

First, I’m a Flash newbie and I need a little help. What I trying to create a home page hero banner, that will have 3 basic background images that alpha fade in and out, and each has some tween text, a call to action button. Finally there is 3 nav buttons that on click should bring the user to one of the 3 movies.

So I have created the first of the three movies. Inside the first movie’s time line, it has a few other movies, for background image, headline text, call to action button, etc.

Question #1: How do I add these 3 movies to the main time line? The goal is to have each play in order 1 - 2 - 3 and repeat.

Question #2: How make the make the Nav buttons link to movie 1, 2, and 3?

Thanks for the help

So, let me rephrase this and see if we’re on the same page:
At all times you want your three navigation buttons to remain on the screen.

When you click on a navigation button, it’ll jump to a specific movie, and play this movie.

When a movie finishes playing, it goes on to the next movie, creating a loop.

Is all of this correct?

If so, what you’ll want to do is have your navigation button on one keyframe, which has a frame extending the full length of your main timeline.

Since you have each of the movies in it’s own movie clip, you’ll want three keyframes (one for each).

Place each movie on each frame.

In the Actionscript for the frame, put “stop();”. This will stop it on that one frame.

For each of the navigation buttons you’ll want to set the code to do a “gotoAndStop(#)”, replacing # with the frame that the corresponding movie sits on.

For the moving to the next movie, you have several options. The simplest would be to go into each movie and put “parent.gotoAndStop(#)” where the number is the frame of the next movie it should play.

And that should be it.

Thanks for your help!

Regarding the buttons, I have thought about it with buttons in each movie and stand alone, I just didn’t know which way would be easier. On the movie they would fade out with the movie. But I guess it would be best to remain on the screen. Can I affect the buttons based on what movie is playing?

Yes, when a button is clicked I want it to play the movie.

Yes, the movie animates for about 2 seconds, but I want to remain on the stage for say an additional 4 seconds. Then go to the next move in a loop.

Again, thanks for your help!