Show first scene of flash movie

My flash video currently displays a black screen, initially. How can I define the initial display prior to actually playing the video? Specifically, I would like to use a frame from the movie as the initial display.

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So just to clarify, you’re looking for a way to have a frame from your movie display before the movie is played?
Does the movie play after some time? Or is there a push button action? If you require a button, there may be some actionscript that is needed.

Yes, I want a frame to display before the movie is played. The movie requires the play button to be pushed.

It has been a while since I’ve used Flash, but I’ll see how we go.
In your flash scene, place the image you want to display (just capture it and have it as a jpeg) on the timeline before your movie. You will also want your play button on the timeline as well, place it where you want.
Add a stop action in your actionscriupt to that frame so that as soon as it loads it will freeze on that frame


Then you want to put an action on the button you have created. Your button first needs to be an instance of a button. Give it a name and then add this to your actionscript:

buttonName onRelease function() {

This will stop the flash movie at frame one, until the button “buttonName” is pressed & released, then it will move to frame 2 and continue playing.
let me know how you go.