Planning A Website Template Structure

Hello. I’ve been asked at work to plan, in writing, a website structure for a template that will be re-used.

It needs to be a plan that the lead developer on the project can build the back-end from, but also something that management and designers can follow.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience and suggestions on how to structure it. I have tried searching for articles on the subject but not found anything useful. I’ve started laying out the front-end page as below but I’m not overly happy with it:

  1. Front-End Page

navigation - editable(background-colour, link colours, height(?))
Logo - on left, image, link to external website - editable(image, link)
“CREATE YOUR PROFILE” - towards right, text, link to profile creation screen - not-editable.
“LOGIN TO MY PROFILE” - on right, text, link to login-screen (item 2) - not-editable.
Bottom border, underneath main navigation - editable(colour, thickness, style(?))
end of navigation

hero image - featured-image, set(whole width), editable(image, height(?))
main heading block - set(opacity, max size, position and border-radius) - not-editable
Title - text, heading - set(max length of text, font-size) - editable(text, font-family, font colour)
Tagline - text - set(max length of text, font-size) - editable(text, font-family, font colour)
end of main heading block
end of hero image

end of header

main content area - editable(background-colour)

…still to input…

end of main content area

Any advice appreciated.


Atomic Web Design - - is well worth a read to grasp some concepts, the video on that page is also good.

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