Pink For October... The Contest

Pink For October

Isn’t October a special month? Of course it is! The heat of the summer is gone (at least where I live), the days are cooler (in some areas of the world) and the tree leaves start to change their color… they’re turning PINK all around the world. Yes, during the month of October, the forums can only see Life in Pink. We show our Pink side to the world to support a really worthy cause: Breast Cancer Awareness.

And because we are stylish and cool, we do it SitePoint Forum Style: With a (Pink) Contest!!

So what do you have to do?
You have to send a picture, design a logo, a web page, write a short poem, a verse, a catchy phrase, a small song, a joke…. Hey, you can even write a small animation or a piece of code that does something cool! ANYTHING!
Get as a creative, crazy, fun, completely Pink mad as you want!!

The rules?

  • It has to be original work.
  • It has to include PINK either as a word (if it is written) or show support for the cause (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Who can participate?

Everyone. The more, the merrier :smiley:

How long do I have to submit my work?

Till October 17[SUP]th[/SUP] at 11:59 (Europe Central Time)

Where do I send it?

that’s a good question… where? :stuck_out_tongue: Use this thread to link/post your work. If you wnat to comment on the entries or anything else, please [COLOR=#800080]use this other thread instead[/COLOR].

Who will judge?

All works will be exposed and it will be the public who will choose the winner. They will have another 10 days to do so.

What do I win?

A SitePoint e-book of your choice and the fact that you have helped in a good cause… In addition, we hope that you have lots of fun.

Do you already feel your pink side too? Then run and let it go wild!

ONLY post your work (or the link to it) in this thread. All other posts (questions, comments, whatever) should be posted in the other thread and will be eliminated from this one.

Here we go - one web page, actually it is the whole site:

I ll add some pink as well. Great initiative.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is great. I remember taking part last year when on my personal website I had a page dedicated to Pink for October, but I’ve recently redesigned and redeveloped my personal website and I’m doing things a little differently. My website, since 1st October and up until the end of the month, will remain in the style of pink and you can have a look at the site here.

In addition to that I’ve also published a Pink for October 2012 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month blog entry which will remain on the site for as long as it’s online. You’ll also see from that blog entry that I’ve made a pledge to donate £5 a month to [URL=“”]Cancer Research UK through my [URL=“”]Pink for October JustGiving campaign page where I and a friend have already made donations. I hope you will too after reading my blog entry.

Reminder: The competition ends today!! Be quick with your entries

Best I could do, I’m afraid. Early morning pink sky with the … er … Paps of Jura in the background. :shifty:

My site is usually blue in colour - - but turned it pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Contest is Over… Tomorrow we will start voting!! :wink: