Pinging for websites

Has anyone here ever tried pinging their website? I saw mention of this a few days ago, and am just wondering what purpose it serves? Are you looking for certain speeds?

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I have but more to find if the website was up. It does show speed but there are a lot more useful ways to check that:

I believe you can “ping” for other reasons. In Imagemagick you can ping an image which will return the size without loading the image so saves a lot of time. But this ping could be a Imagemagick function?

Speeds from different locations.

You can also setup service monitoring to see if the website is down.

Many thanks for the help on this - it’s appreciated. Just wondering, would there be any use for pinging, in any way, shape or form, when trying to choose a webhost?

It shows the link speed,but not so suitable with website performance. There’s no too much meaning with PING.

Pinging a website means calling on search engines that website(pinged) has been updated. and you ask of search engine to crawl your website asap and your intention for doing this is SE rankings.

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