Picking a freelance web design business name

Whats the best way to go with this? Im currently going under a domain i share with my PC repair business which is geared towards that. I would like to separate my services so i can have two independent websites. Web Design and IT Services…that domain i will not be changing.

Seems like most people just go with their first and last name with maybe something like ‘designs’ added to the end. Its so tough trying to find something catchy without sounding like a cheeseball.


cheeseballdesign… that’s a good’n!

But seriously, pick something that expresses either you or what you do. I prefer ‘off the wall’ ones, that are a bit quirky or evocative, but that’s not necessary. But sometimes something memorable/weird (you know, like llamaspit.com) is more effective than some blank description of your design work. I really like Dave Shea’s name–Bright Creative. (http://www.brightcreative.com/) It says nothing about what he does specifically, but has quite an effect (on me at least). Also his other one, mezzoblue, is a nice name.

I like “cheeseballdesign” - definately quirky!

There’s a semi-famous small building building company in the UK call “Bodge it and scarper” - there are totally bone fide and apparently they do very well :slight_smile:

I’m with Ralph - try to think of words/things that you can associate with. Pick a word and look it up in a Thesaurus for other word ideas.

Even something like Adobe… a major software company… named after the creek behind the house of one of the founders. Keep your eyes and ears open and something will jump out at you.

Yeah? i had always thought it was named after the adobe type of building material…

The company name Adobe comes from Adobe Creek in Los Altos, California, which ran behind the house of one of the company’s founders.

I guess one could ask where the creek got its name… one suspects from the building style… but that’s not the point here. :slight_smile:


Maybe i should checkout my local map, i have a bunch of creeks around here.

My personal favourite is to use names or phrases in other languages - example - SigePo.com is Tagalog (Philippines) for “yes sir” - and since we run an outsourcing business, the name fits perfectly. Another example - Akamai - cool in Hawaiian.

It gives you something interesting to talk about for the sales pitch. Plus, it’s easier to find an available dot com that is short and catchy.