Phpinfo.php - Install problem

Hello, installed PHP 5.5 for windows and when
I try to reach it in my browser I get this:

Everything is enabled even ASP.NET but its not showing
using http://localhost/phpinfo.php

How did you install php?

Using Microsoft Web Installer

Open up your command prompt and type runphp

I got this

Do you have iisexpress installed?

yes I do

Thats why i hate installers!

check this link out has instructions on configuring php and iisexpress

what link?

My recommendation is to use to build a Linux vm. Running a local none .NET environment on Windows hardware is for the birds. Always a painful experience especially if you will also be needing front-end technology stacks that require ruby, node and/or php packages. Although if you’re running Windows 10 using puphpet isn’t an option yet.

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ok ill try it

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