PHPFox 2.0 Reviews?

Any reviews on phpfox 2.0?

I was going to reply to this post. But the reviews where “over 52 months old”, and all based on an earlier version of phpfox back in 2006.

Based on reviews from Hotscript users. The phpfox experience seems to either go one extreme to another.

I have use this script in the past, and it does seem to get sluggish after a 300+ users. But this might’ve been my server, but i’ll never know because I was barely a virgin to programming at the time.

Anyway, if anyone has any advice, I’d really be interested to hear it.


Yes, I’ve used the latest version, I think 2.07 or something.

It’s an extremely impressive application with more features than I care to examine. Becoming an expert at it would take half a year their is so much built into it. For the price they sell it for you can’t go wrong.

I also have a problem with it’s speed. You must enable zlib and all the caching possible to get a faster loading site, otherwise it’s simply too slow. And that is when I had it hosted on a cloud server AND also a VPS, both are slow, it’s the code that must be cached.

phpfox is very nice script, its totally for websites building community site. Always look at demo and features any script offers and buy.