Firefox not displaying immediately after click from software

Alrighty, I’ve got a crazy issue. So the client has some software where they’ve added a link that will POST data to our php script on a public facing website. If they use the Chrome browser or something else other than Firefox, it’ll go to the page just fine. If they use the Firefox browser it’ll go to the page but the page will be blank. After about a minute it’ll show the text of the page but during the wait, it doesn’t look like the browser is loading or anything.

I’ve tried just having a blank php script with just text that it goes to but nothing…same problem. So the issue is between them clicking the link and it getting to the page. I’m not sure where to go from here with debugging. There are no errors, nothing in the htaccess file that would prevent anything, etc. If they go to the page directly or even from another test page I made that will post the exact same data over to that page, it’ll work fine. It’s just when going from their software to the script that it’ll be super slow or not show at all.

Any ideas?

Maybe use a Firefox addon that could monitor the requests and the responses?


The only idea I could think of, I’m just a PHP noob. :blush:

Along that line (though sort of the inverse), is the Firefox browser loading any other addon/extensions? They could be causing issues.

I don’t believe so. They have tested with a bunch of members around their office. Doubt they’d all be using the same addon but I’ll add that to the list of things to ask them.

Testing blind is somewhat difficult - but anyone semi tech-savvy in the office can probably pin down the source of the issue - have them open their Dev Tools (F12), open the Network tab, and load the page. They should receive timing data for the requests - if you see a long request time, the server’s choking for some reason. If you see a short request time and no follow-ups, the page isnt rendering in the browser correctly.


I’m curious as to what the software is

But they may all be behind the same firewall, no?


Is it always about the same duration for the delay? I’ve seen stuff (entirely different to this) which pauses for almost exactly a specific amount of time because it’s trying to do something it cannot (such as a DNS lookup, in one of my cases) and timing out after 30 seconds. That leads to it looking like a performance issue, when in fact it’s a configuration issue.

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