php4 layout is fine php5 it's out of whack

I’m hosting through 1and1. Today I updated my .htaccess and php.ini files per their FAQ’s to work with php5 from php4.

In php.ini I turned on globals and added the allow lines.

register_globals = on 
allow_url_include = 1 
allow_url_fopen = 1 

in my .htaccess I updated

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php


AddType x-mapp-php5 .html .htm

When I do this a few of my page elements are misaligned. When I set everything back it works fine. Anyone have any ideas? I also read somewhere that using fopen may pose a security risk?

Any help is appreciated as they are migrating all servers to php5 by the end of the year. I have a lot of clients hosted with them and I’m not about to have all my sites mess when the conversion is complete.

Not sure how quickly attachments get approved. Might be quicker to upload them to your website and link them here?

register_globals = on … why? I would have thought that was the opposite of what should be done!

Here are 2 attachments of what I’m talking about

I tried the view source. Both files are the same.

It was minimal change but it looks like I got everything fixed for the most part.

Do a search about register_globals - there are plenty of places that can explain it better than me. :slight_smile: Such as

If you do a View…Source in your browser of the rendered web pages with PHP4 and PHP5 and compare them, how do they differ? (This might provide clues as to why the layout is different).

As I said pretty much a php newbie. I turned globals off. Is this a security risk? Curious as to what this does.

Here is my code that is messing up, if that helps

      <div id="bigQuotes">&ldquo; </div>
			$fcontents = join ('', file ($url_web.'/includes/testimonials.php'));
			$s_con = split("~",$fcontents);
			$banner_no = rand(0,(count($s_con)-1));
			echo $s_con[$banner_no];

I also set up as the first line on my page

$url_web = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; 

and reference some includes

<?php include($url_web.'/includes/banner_rotator.php'); ?>

I am fairly new to php so is it that I’m doing this wrong?