PHP Script convert Video to FLV


Does anyone know of a PHP script that converts video to flv?

I would like to create a form that uploads video and converts them to FLV format in order to play it

So interesting,but i prefer use Macvide VideoFlash Converter .It’s prog can convert youtube’s video to mov.

I would recomend you Video to Flash Converter <snip> it’s very good programm and simple in use:cool:

I don’t think that is PHP Based… is it?

hello once again:)
excuse me, I a bit entangled the program.:blush:
Video to Flash Console <snip> - here that you are need…
sorry for my mistake…

interesting, but its a bit pricey.

Whats the difference between the Free Download, Single license and Site license?

Fully support dual core CPU, Wondershare Zune Video Suite provides fast conversion speed, far beyond your imagination. Powerful video edit functions let you enjoy movies on Zune freely.

/me thinks this is spam

Yeah… Only 1 post

I have known about single and site license these things: single license is given only one developer and only on one computer. Site license can be used on the different computers by a group of developers.

yeah!! but it have a free version, which you can download now and try it!!! :slight_smile:
May be if this program would be so good for you that you save some money and buy it!!! ahaha!!! :smiley:

Mashka is a spammer - all posts advertising a program widely known to be by a company (geovid) that shamelessly spams forums and blogs worldwide, and have users banned from pretty much every major forum that discusses video on the internet.

Can you trust to install an application made by a company that openly approves of spam and deceit?

Yeah, Also his site wasn’t very professional and trust worthy.
And his product is way over priced.

So currently no FREE PHP based convert tools?

Look at this link: