PHP Programming Or SEO Job ,Which is good for my carrier?

Since i am not that much familiar with PHP but i have a deep knowledge of SEO so i would say that if you opt for SEO if would never go waste and you would likely b able to appreciate your decision in few upcoming months.

This is a terrifying statement to me largely because it’s always a dangerous one to make, it’s a canary in this coal mine we run.

PHP, much like most professions, has cycles and a barrier to entry that a number of companies are actively trying to raise, as do most coding languages and few have the longevity that, say, C has in it’s various forms. PHP replaced Perl a few years back and largely displaced ASP (though ASP still has it’s militants), eventually something will replace PHP or it too will drastically change (like C) but it has indeed had a fairly decent life so far and has managed to remain popular largely due to the number of CMSes and server hosts that use it as with them goes the business.

I would never recommend making a life decision based off of absolutes like this, and actually in most personal cases would be betting on the opposite outcome. PHP right now is a very high portion of the market, particularly ones ability to work in and customize a CMS.

Also one particular note that doesn’t seem to be too heavily mentioned. SEO is independent of these market issues that web based development has. Being able to get a high placement in a search engine is much like being an actor with an agent and it determines far and away the bulk of traffic one gets on a website/product to the tune of almost all of the traffic going to the first page in a search result with the bulk of that going to the first few results in that search. It’s very significant and a good SEO company can affect it significantly based on knowing how the core search providers (Google, Yahoo, Bing) index results. There’s more certainty in that field of career longevity than in PHP which has standards that can change drastically based on individual hosts or companies and PHP’s shelf life is completely determined by the bulk of those hosts.

yes depend your expertise or your interest. but PHP is best. SEO is the best but less than php.

If you have interest in programming then I would suggest you to go for PHP for sure. Rest both have good scope, it all depends on your core of interest.

Ya of course, though php is more effective, Seo stands easy to work with and it goes well income when pagerank rise to the site.

I think SEO job is more beneficial.

PHP is always in demand. SEO is certainly in demand as well, but (as stated upthread) the industry is changing a TON right now. It’s great if you can stay ahead of the learning curve, but that’s tough to do.

…unless you love it :slight_smile: in which case, go for it!

My suggestion is SEO job is best and gets more brightness in the future. If you choose PHP developer, you will face lots of tension but in SEO, you feel free and enjoy working. You learn many updates and not to face work pressure. But you must learn complete basic things in SEO and also learn Google algorithm rules.

Php programming is better, because you can get work easily from clients with high salary rate, SEO on the other hand pays, but there are some SEO jobs that will require php knowledge to do it well. A site might require 301 redirect and other stuff on a webserver which will require php experience to do. I will advice go for php first and then learn basic SEO

SEO is more better , as this field needs continuous research for success there will be always challenge remains in this field, more research more knowledge

It totally depend on you…If you are good in programming and have analytical skills then you should go with php while in seo you can work easily…But I suggest PHP programming because you can earn more in this field.

In freelancing site job is not more impotent. More impotent is your skill. so I request to you first you have to become skilled in one sector.Then do that . Otherwise I honestly suggest you coding is more demanded than SEO.

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