I am Learning PHP

Hi, all is it better to learn PHP and become developer as I have good Knowledge about Online marketing like - SEO, SMO, Ad words, Keyword Research, and many more.

If i want to switch as Developer what would effect on my lifestyle.

Depending on how young you are but I’d rather major Computer Science from a University. This way you’ll work w/ amazing IT companies.

I think it depends how much logical you are, if you are logical, have IQ level and creative then it would be great to switch to development sector.

Without wanting to spark a philosophical debate, a Computer Scientist and/or a developer is at heart a problem solver - you are presented with a collection of problems for which you are looking to find the optimal solution. Coding is merely a tool that you use to build your solutions, whether it’s in PHP or anything else.

If you consider yourself a natural problem solver, both through rational thought or maybe even through scientific methods, developing IT solutions may come more natural to you than you think, and so the affect on your lifestyle would be relatively little :wink: