PHP Programming Or SEO Job ,Which is good for my carrier?

Please help me …
PHP Programming Or SEO Job ,Which is good for my carrier ?
Which have more scope ?

Both fields has great scope…you have to decide in which field you want to go.
If you can do programming excellent then undoubtedly start PHP programming.
And if you have basic knowledge of HTML,CSS,JS,SEO you can start SEO.

Both have more scopes. But you should keep in mind that with new Google updates, SEO has been totally changed. Many SEOs are suffreing form them because they don’t know what to do to recover. And as for PHP, then i must say that the demand of PHP developer will never decrease. If you have good writing skills then you can go with SEO or SMO and if you have good analytical/programming skills then you can go with php developer.

However, my personal comment is learn the basics of SEO and then go with PHP development. This will help you to boost your future.

That is depend upon your interest because both of fields are good and have a greater scopes.

Thanks for your response

I would suggest you go with PHP programming. As far as PHP programming is concern you get high salary package. There is limitation in SEO salary package. I am sharing my knowledge with you.

Hi friend I am online marketing officer First think ask yourself which one your interested programming or advertising if you have good knowledge of PHP programming like Php 5 & MySql ,HTML 5 CSS,JS as well as Designing so you should be grab PHP job .Very Well SEO field here too want company more skill like HTML,CSS, some programming Skill this field is very broad today. Now I am tell you Is Both Field of very good.My suggestions you think your self in which field you are interested So best wish for you

If you have patience you can choose SEO job as your carrier. If you know more about web design, PHP then you should choose PHP programming.
That’s my suggestion!

If you think you are very well in business sector then I will suggest to choose SEO. Because only SEO can not make your high carrier. SEO is all enough with including all internet marketing sector like SEM, SMM, SMM etc. Now ask yourself… Hou you are in SEO?

I would do something that appeals to me… Both have a great market…

Even though i am a SEO but IMHO, you should chase PHP as your career because it is stable and less stressing. Recently it has become more and more difficult to rank a website on top of the SERPs and at the same time Google is doing everything to make things even more bizarre ~

Both are good and Php is a good software you can get more projects and work from offer also.

PHP is more effective

I would suggest you go with PHP programming.

It depends upon your expertise or your interest, But I suggest PHP programming because you can earn more in this field.

I don’t think any of the two would be good for your carrier. You can’t carry them both, but you can earn them.
Now, to earn them, you just have to be determined in what you’re good at or capable of doing for the rest of your life.
Career wise, php programming will definitely bring home the bacon.

Both scope are good. But all depend on your more interest.

Hi, I am doing SEO. I like this field. But i like programming also. nothing is depend on field, Depend on your interest & your knowledge. <snip />

The correct answer to this question would be to choose which one you are passionate about. Are you more of a marketing person or a development / programming type?

Your answer should determine which career you should choose.

However, if pay was a huge consideration and considering the growth of the industry, I would say programming has a slight advantage. These figures show the IT Jobs with the highest pay and fastest growth:

This should give you an idea how these IT jobs (PHP programming included) will continue to be more important in the future and most likely highly paid.

Well, a basic and true rule is to choose the one you like the most. But i advise you PHP more than SEO as there tons of SEO agencies worldwide. SEO can be done in a remote way, with PHP it’s more difficult and you will have more chances to be hired onsite.

Good Luck.