Suggest me a best MVC Frame work in PHP

Hi All,
Anybody suggest me a MVC framework in php. I’m new to Framework concept

It depends how familiar you with the MVC Pattern. First of all you should understand the basic concepts of MVC. Then you can, start to play with one of the frameworks. I think the most popular are [URL=“”]Zend, [URL=“”]CakePHP, [URL=“”]CodeIgniter and [URL=“”]Symfony. I would start with CakePHP, I think it’s easier to learn. I would also say Zend is more popular, but a little more difficult to start with.

cakephp is the best

I have used Zend, CodeIgnitor and experimented with CakePHP and Prado.

Each has it’s pros and cons, but without knowing what your requirements, personal development style, long term goals, etc are I cannot really suggest a framework.

Tell us more of what you expect from a framework, long term goals, etc.


There are as many best frameworks as developers you ask the question, but I like Yii. It’s easy to learn, has very well written and extensive documentation, and overall very nice performance :slight_smile:
(and no, I did not write it, nor did I have anything to do with its development whatsoever)

I used to like CakePHP but Symfony now has more popularity.

Here’s an article from last year that takes you through the differences between 16 different PHP frameworks
16 PHP Frameworks To Consider For Your Next Project

There’s no best but I like CodeIgniter.

There is also lithium php (fairly new) from the creators of cakePHP

Zend is probably the closest to a true MVC implementation. A lot of the others (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc) all take a different approach and don’t really follow MVC at all, they don’t have a proper model and (because they don’t have one) don’t give the view access to the model. What they do tends to be more similar to the MVP pattern, where the controller does a lot of mediation between the two. I don’t think you could really call them MVC, even at a stretch.

Oh and my personal opinion on symfony is that they seem to be more interested in selling books on the topic than providing easy to find documentation on the site itself.

Jus add yii as my favourite framework :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions…

If you are new to concept of “framework”, why don’t you inform yourself what a framework is. Also, why does it have to be MVC? Do you know what it is or is it just another popular buzzword lately that everyone have to use?
I’m suggesting doing some research of your own to realize what MVC is, what frameworks are used for and what they are. That way you’ll be able to choose yourself what suits you the best. This way, you can rely on advices of a few people that might be wrong in their estimates.

What Blue said is good. And, sometimes for me it’s more feasible to use libraries inside flat files rather than an MVC.

There’s no such thing as “best framework”.
I would say: The one that you like the most. :slight_smile:
The one that you work better with. :slight_smile:
The one that you feel more comfortable with. :slight_smile:

Try several. :slight_smile: Play a little bit with them, use their support communities… and then, decide. :slight_smile:

I think CodeIgniter has the easiest learning curve. It depends on what you want to make too. I have seen several posts about Yii also, but I’ve never used it.

DanGrossman uses Symfony, so if you want to get real good I would probably use that, it’s very difficult in my opinion to start.