Php, mysql, and apache connection problem

greetings to all…
I am one of the newest member of this forum site. I need your help guys. Anyone there who knows about php , mysql and apache connection?. I just bought a book about “How to do everything with php and mysql”. Authored by Vikram Vaswani (2003). I am currently studying about this topics and having a hard time with the connection because the version of php, mysql and apache stated from the book was an old version (php 5.0.1v, mysql 4.0.21v, apache server 1.3.31v) . I am looking for the exact versions of the said applications but unfortunately I can’t find it. I already visited the official web sites of those applications but the available versions were already updated. I already followed the step-by-step procedures stated in the book but the error still exists, I cannot open my php file “test.php” the browser still displays “Not Found Error”. I already checked the directory path for the php file. Anyone out there who knows about this problem please kindly PM me or reply to this thread. you can also share your knowledge with me regarding this matter… I am also looking for any suggestions or any tutorial will be of great help. I am looking forward to your replies guys. thank you in advance…

When initially getting into any programming language I enjoy having my environment already setup for me so I can mess around first. Then as I learn more about the language and how it interacts with its environment I start messing around with configuring it, then compiling. But then maybe that’s just the order that I’ve found best.

A project you might be interested in is XAMPP, and I’m going to assume you have windows here:

You can get older versions here:


First, WELCOME to SitePoint’s Apache forum!

Second, Kevin Yank’s book (I’ve linked it in the TOP sticky thread) is what I used ages ago but Kevin’s updated a couple of times since then. The versions he has are the latest and greatest so I’d recommend using that FREE chapter 1 as a checklist to get started.

Third, I recommend AGAINST using “snapshot” type canned programs to install a test server. They are impossible to update (individual components) and rarely match your production server; moreover, it’s impossible to troubleshoot.

In other words, use the latest software from the creators as Kevin outlines (the rest of his book is a great tutorial for helping you to learn PHP and MySQL, too!



Odd, I haven’t found that to be the case with the exception of odd corners and when you get into actually creating things for a production server. IE, For experimenting on XAMPP works well as quick way to set up and deconstruct so you can get to play… safely*. It’s more in the spirit of PHP (I feel like such a hippie saying that).

Mmm. And maybe it’s also because of Pirate Radio :wink:

Thanks a lot guys all your comments and suggestion will be a great help for me. I try both of your suggestion. If there is more information regarding with this matter feel free to post. more power to this forum site. God bless to all.