Php mail and url problem in gmail

Hi guys,

i am facing a very strange problem. below email works perfectly. but when i ad a url insted of ‘#’ in the anchor tag, email does not work.

$to = “” . $email_id . “”;
$subject = “Account Activation required”;

$message = "

      <table style='text-align:left;'>	
  		<tr><th>Hi " . $username . ",</th></tr>
  		<tr><th>Thank you for registering in our website.</th></tr> 				
  		<tr><td>Please visit this <a href='#'>link</a> to activate your account.</td></tr> 				
  		<tr><th>When prompt for activation code, please enter this code : " . $code . "</th></tr> 
  		<tr><td>Thank You</td></tr>
  		<tr><td>Property Rental Website Team</td></tr>		

When i replace the url in a tag like this, email does not sent by php at all nor email is received by gmail.

  		<tr><td>Please visit this <a href=''>link</a> to activate your account.</td></tr> .

Is it maybe a spam-related thing?

looks like yes droopsnoot.

now it works! i just added https. apart from sysntax is same. but now works.

			<tr><td>Please visit this <a href='" .$username . "'>link</a> to activate your account.</td></tr>

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