Gmail Email URL (mailto) link not working

I want to create a url that when clicks opens an email IN GMAIL, with the subject and body filled out. My older link used to work, but now if I click it it gives me a Google Error. Another version of the link doesnt load my email (it freezes in the middle); These are the two links, is there something I am doing wrong? It worked perfectly fine before.

  1. Come%20Join%20Me%20at%20Search%20Realty%21&body=Hello%2C%0D%0DI%20thought%20you%20would%20be%20interested%20in%20learning%20more%20about%20the%2

  2. Come%20Join%20Me%20at%20Search%20Realty%21&body=Hello%2C%0D%0DI%20thought%20you%20would%20be%20interested%20in%20learning%20more%20about%20the%2

I don’t know why there ended up being a space after “&su” but even if the space is removed the link does not work. Also the google error I get is:

"502. That’s an error.

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know."

Have you tried using Google’s instructions

There are plenty of articles that aim to help such as and - they might help especially if Gmail has changed it’s methods recently.

But Gmail not opening is not the issue, if I change the Gmail link to just and click enter, gmail opens along with a new email. As soon as I try adding a subject, body, etc. it starts giving me an error.

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