Is Php Helpful in the Web Development?

Is learning PHP worth???

Worth what?
Learning anything is worth something; but without any form of metric, can anyone give you definitive yes/no? No.

It depends entirely on what you’re doing, what you’re planning to do, where you’re planning to work, are you starting from scratch or picking up an existing project, your previous coding background, any number of factors.



I’m not quite sure what response you are expecting.

Can you please give us some more information.

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Yes, learning PHP can be worth it, depending on your goals and objectives. For example, if you’re looking to become a web developer, then learning PHP can be a great way to gain a strong understanding of the language. Many popular websites, such as WordPress and Tumblr, are built on PHP, so having a good grasp of the language can be beneficial if you want to develop web applications and websites. Additionally, learning PHP can open up opportunities for freelance and full-time positions.

If I would be new on programming I would no longer rely on PHP as it is a worn out horse.
Most backends for modern software developments are made in Node.js, SpringBoot or Some use python but that’s not really comfortable for larger projects.
PHP is only used in old website frameworks like Wordpress, Joomla etc. So if you want to develop websites with that, it might help you but for nothing else it will be a good solution.

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Not necessarily. You can use PHP to run automation. It’s pretty powerful if you know what to do. With any tool, there has to be a purpose. I’ve written plenty of automation tools with PHP like backing up my game server files and pushing those backups to Github. The issue is which tool best suits what you are trying to accomplish. If it’s writing a website or creating simple things that you can run in a Linux environment, sure use PHP if you want. If it’s a desktop application, use something like C#, C++, etc.


Typical. Just as I get to a level where I might claim to know something about a language, it is declared “old hat”.


PHP had its high time in the 90ths :slight_smile: So maybe it is not a wonder that there are better solutions now a days :slight_smile:

I do not say you can’t make good software with PHP. I worked myself many, many years developing in PHP. But time goes by and if you start today it makes sense to learn the actual most popular things.

I love to use node.js as backend because it is the same language as you must use for the frontend (there is no real replacement for JavaScript). So you can reuse many code and you do not need to learn two languages. Also it’s possible to keep it small and simple and it’s easily useable on all platforms (who ever has tried to install on a virtual Linux cloud Server knows what I am talking about).
The disadvantage is, that it’s not type safe and you need to know what you are doing. In that Case Spring (Java) or (C#) is much easier to learn and it forces you to create clean code.

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Any technology that works for the application you’re using it for is worth using, and consequently knowing.

I personally dont buy into the stance that PHP is old, dont bother learning it. I also can’t immediately justify the statement that “Most backends are made in Node.js” with any statistics. You get the stat that 60-ish% of people use Javascript, but thats not differentiating Javascript from the frontend, which you’re likely going to need REGARDLESS of your backend, so i’m not sure that value holds water.

I’m still of the opinion that the OP has not given sufficient background about their needs/wants to give any sort of objective opinion about the “worth” of PHP to them.

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I know it‘s hard to argue against PHP in a forum where 90% of the users are Wegdesigners and use WordPress or equal frameworks to create their pages. But at the end I would like you to take a look over the edge.
It makes no sense to look at any statistics of how many people are using a language or how many websites are made in which language. In that Case PHP will ever win because it’s one of the first web script languages.

But if you look at the really important informations, you will get an other answer.
Take a look at the actual job announcements. What is requested there and what is the payment for this jobs.
I know many freelancers working with PHP. None of them are payed well (in my opinion). But if you are good in modern architectures like React, Angular, node.js, Postgres etc you can earn more then double…

So if i google the phrase “php job wages”, Google returns the number $82,198, by Zippia. Indeed’s number is higher, 95,298$. Ziprecruiter says the range is 29-140k, and the average is 88,535.

If i google the phrase “react job wages”, the range given by bluelight is 52-121k, and Ziprecruiter says the average is 108,507$

So i’m not buying “you can earn more than double” statement as a general rule. Yet. Could it be headed in that direction? Yes, it could. Will it guaranteed? No, depends on numerous factors, not least including PHP dying off. Has it yet? No.

People have been saying PHP is dying or dead for many years now.
Yet it’s still here…

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