Php frameworks

now I using own framework but it not better ,then i think to use standed php framework What is the Best one ? Zend,codeigniter,cakephp,symphony,ect
Also i want know good IDE for that…
thanx…:rolleyes: I check it Thanx
But i want to know what is the uses to easy & most popular one?

I am yet to find anything as good as CodeIgniter, but that said, I haven’t really had the time to see what else is out there.

Every site I have made using it is very easy to understand (third party looking at the code) and it is very light too.

Though I haven’t used any frameworks yet (except Zend in Magento), Symfony is also light weight and good to use. Zend has lots of features so it is little huge.

Here is a good review of frameworks, you can choose which best suits your needs.