Which Framework i choose

Hi friends,

i am new to PHP… there are more Frameworks available for PHP… which is best Framework for PHP ? that will support MVC architecture, AJAX, etc…

There is not such thing as the ‘best’ framework. Some good ones you can try are cakephp, symfony, codeigniter. They all support the features you mentioned. What I normally like to use is cakephp. If you ever worked with Ruby before, you’d see that it’s almost like a direct port of Rails to php.

I have been considering this for a long time too, I was stuck between symfony, zend and cake, I can be so indecisive. Today, I have made the decision to learn the Zend framework.

My reasons are as follows: I felt symfony was just too complicated so I left that route first.

This left me with cake and zend, I am interested in Magento so this was a big push in the zend direction.

Also reading further into the subject, I have learned that zend has better resources for learning, wile cakes are inconsistent at times.

Zend has the Zend studio and professional development team behind it so that really was a big reason too.

I have seen Ruby in action and it looks amazing and I have also heard that cake is a direct port of this too, does anyone know how zend compares to cake?

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Very solid, very flexible, quite easy to learn, and a lot of documentation.

thanks people,

i planned to work with symfony framework…