PHP DB Connection problem

Hi All

I am a newbie to php, and I am trying to let mysql to talk to php, but always I get the message “•The website has a programming error”…

I have php5 and mysql 5 on IIS, what do I miss?? or, how to configure php to run on mysql??

any help please??

PHP doesn’t run on mysql. PHP runs on the server itself and parses scripts handed to it by the webserver.

If you aren’t seeing any any parse errors or fatal errors then there is a problem in the IIS configuration. The error message you describe doesn’t belong to PHP.

Thank you for reply.

Actually, am new to php, mysql, and IIS… How could I fix such problem in IIS?? I have IIS 6

I have no idea. Only once have I ventured to get PHP up and running on IIS and that was version 5 running as a CGI module. I, and most other PHP developers, use the Apache webserver.

The only help I can give is to say that if PHP is emitting the error you see then you’ll get a line number indicating where the problem occurred. Since there is no line number the problem is most likely in the configuration of IIS.

As this is a server administration issue more than a programming one you might consider cross posting this issue in the server management forum of this site.