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Hello Friends!!

I just join SitePoint. I know that the website is too good, so I joined it to get help from you all.

I am developing Code Editor like W3schools has. I have done the same but my editor is supporting only HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. I want it for PHP as well.

Can anybody help me for the same.

Thanks for your forthcoming response.

I’m… not sure what you’re wanting, specifically.

If you’re talking about the “make changes and run to see the effect in the right-side pane” thing, I’d rethink this.

Allowing visitors to toy with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is one thing. Letting them mess with server-side code opens up a whole slew of security issues.


Normally those features are created by making a Lexer for the language, and then creating a JS library on top that does the same.

You do not want to execute the code on the server side, as that is a major security vulnerability.

If you do a Google search on “php lexer for javascript” you will get a few results, though I am not sure if any of those projects are still current. In either case it could prove a good base to build on.

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Thanks for taking your time to understand my issue… My problem has been resolved…

Yes, I just develop a webpage to allow visitors to toy with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I develop it for beginners…
It is a part of my upcoming e-learning website where user can learn HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS.

And now for For Php I am using ACE code editor… It is an open source… I am not code monkey so getting some issues… but I hope I’ll do it with help of you all…

Hello all,

I am back on same topic… Earlier I was working on code editor and I though it will be done using ACE Code Editor… That’s why I mentioned in above reply that my problem has been resolved.

It is not. I have created an code editor like W3Schools which is working fine for HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery. But when I tried ACE code editor to develop same functionality for PHP I failed. I just want to type code in left side and want result in right side on click event of Submit button.

I do Google for it. I found many websites are doing the same… For example you can visit “Code Academy”. They are using ACE code editor for php.

But I am unable to do same for me. So someone please guide me how to create my own code editor for PHP using ACE code editor. It is an open source and I tried its manuals and all… but no results…

Please help.

Again telling, I just want to type code in left side and want to get its output on right side.

Thanks for your upcoming responses.

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