Php classified ads script

does anyone knows about free classieds ads script in php?

Check out - you’ll find several free versions but don’t expect the earth for nothing :slight_smile:

You can also find a huge list of free php classified scripts at: & best-php-scripts. com

Try out AJ Classifieds, Very Popular these days…

oh really? you use it? what is your website?

AJ Classifieds is new to me…

…I have tried out several of their scripts, but the SoftBiz classifieds script is actually well rounded for what it is. A lot of their scripts are (solid, but) usually not ‘mature enough’ for me, as I’ve mentioned. This one, however, is easy to skin and has great features. Decent price, too, as I recall.

I do like their scripts, just for the record. I just think this one is at a different level. :slight_smile:

Stay away from AJ Squared. They are bad! I bought an EBAY clone script that seemed to work. Then I paid for some mods. The mods never worked & the mods caused the original script to not work right. They stopped replying after about a month!

STAY AWAY. PS , the license is on a year to year basis which is not easy to see.

Frankly, opting for a free script to build your classified site is not a wise solution. Most hackers will study those scripts to find security breaches and if they spot out which script you are using, they may spam your users or harm your site.

The best is probably to have a look to 3 or 4 scripts that you like and then, built your own script with the scraps of what you just learned and add few things from you as well to make it your own.

I did mine by myself, [noparse][/noparse], it took me time but at least, the security is high which result in a better surf for both advertisers and users…

AJ Classifieds, this is new resource, i dont know about this one. Thanks for sharing one more resource of classified.

I agree with idea, that if you want to create new service, using free script is not a wise decision. If you need quality and mature script, find software, which is constantly developed and not new.