Best PHP classifieds software?

Hello there

So what is the best PHP script if I want to open a horse classifieds web site…??

I was thinking about:


If anyone has a better idea let me know…

Need a response ASAP - by the way I’m so spoiled by vbulletin software that it is very difficult to impress me with a php script now

They’re expensive. I just created an auto classified script for a client, but I didn’t develop it on a production-based platform. I should probably re-design it for distribution.

I looked for a long time for scripts to work from, but found none. The one you found seems most reliable.

Good luck

It seems ok but seriously, I’m spoiled y Vbulletin - the best PHP script I’ve ever seen… we’ll see what’s esvon is like…

Anyone got any other suggestions?

You could try Noah’s Classifieds (

Havent actually tried it myself, but it comes with C PanelX, so it is probibly ok. and its free


Higly customizable classified ad application that allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories.

Definitely want to give Geo a look.

This software is as good as I have ever seen. They have a unique templating system on the Enterprise versions that is excellent especially if you want to have detailed design control.

Even heard that they are writing in horse specific functionality.

Did you take a look at Scripts are rated there, so that may give you more options.

I decided to go for - expensive yet very advanced.

So how did Esvon Classifieds work for you? As smoothly as vBulletin?

simply unbelievable, worth every $$

HI FindSP. Does Esvon Classifieds have a way to create more user friendly URL so a user can more easily type in a URL to go directly to a listing?

For example, instead of: http://www.myURLhere/classifieds.php?a=2&b=422

something like:


hmm… not really

does esvon classifieds have open-source code? I’ve heard that almost all of it is encoded so you cannot customize the code.

Evson is encoded. I would never buy their script. It isn’t even that impressive. Geodesic looks good but is very expensive. In addiiton their email addresses don’t function. Doesn’t give me a good feeling. Their mid range scripts are missing some essentials which is weird. I looked at Almond Classifieds but their mailbox is completely full and you can’t reach the. It looks pretty powerful considering the price and the ability to have multiple parts per cateogory, e.g. jobs different than computer parts.

The last one I saw is chameleon. Has its good parts but I don’t like the framing.

This should be easy. All the good ones are currently in perl and I’m hoping that someone else has a better solution. Evson is absolutely a no go and no reason to go encoded.

you can purchase the source code from esvon.

I didn’t see any option for that.

As it stands it is hard to believe you pay $500 for it AND you have the benefit of putting up their powered by link on the bottom of your pages or pay ANOTHER $50 to remove. I can’t imagine what it will end up costing for a non-exclusive license…

Did you try Noah’s Classifieds? It’s free and it’s quite good.

search on or google for new classified scripts.

I run a vbulletin based community and recently tried this software:


Its setup pretty nice, but didnt integrate with VBB as well as I had hoped. It’s worth a look though if you’re running a standalone classifieds. perhaps?

Surprisingly Noah’s classifieds is excellent. I ended up with deltascripts’ PHP Classifieds which is suprrisingly good and superior to most. It has a few html errors here and there but otherwise pretty clean. The admin interface is extremely awkward but very powerful if you invest some time. In a day I got a very nice site up and running and will hone it this weekend.

Right now, I’d say that phpclassifieds at deltascripts is the best of breed.