PHP 7 to 8 migration helper?


on my private homepage I have Joomla installed with an external plugin. The developer of this plugin no longer exists and so it is not working under PHP 8.
I don’t want to spend too much time on this but I would like to check if I can fix the plugin to work with PHP8.

So I searched the net if there are any helper tools which automatically scan the whole code (all files with subfolders) for constructs which are no longer supported in PHP8.
The only thing I could find is called “Rector” and it looks like it does what I need, but I need to install it with composer, which is a little bit too overloaded for me.

So my question:

does anybody knows a simple script I can run, which checks the PHP for possible update conflicts so I can fix them?

There is a recent similar discussion here. Rector is pretty much the only actual conversion tool out there however you can use some of the IDE’s static analysis tools to flag possible issues.

Not meaning to be insulting but if composer is a blocking point for you then none of this stuff will work for you. Have you tried searching to see if someone else has updated the plugin? That is probably your best bet. And if no one else has taken the time to upgrade the plugin then maybe you might want to consider changing plugins.

There are very few breaking changes introduces in 8.x so I’m guessing a reasonably competent PHP developer could probably follow the error messages and tweak things as required. Might consider hiring a developer to do just that.

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